Wednesday, September 19, 2012

animalist statement jewelry

Animalist Statement Jewelry

Animalist statement jewelry is the new thing!

There are days - like today - where an obsession of mine appears from nowhere. Okay, not exactly from nowhere. Basically, I just find something that I think is awesome and start looking for many similar ones. Today it was animalist jewelry. I found this octopus ring and it got me obsessed. Seriously. Don't tell me that all the featured pieces aren't fierce. THAT, people, is what I call a real statement : WILD!

Il y a des jours comme aujourd'hui où une nouvelle obsession apparait de nul part. Bon d'accord, pas vraiment de nul part. En fait, je trouve quelque chose que j'adore et je vais me mettre à chercher frénétiquement pleins de trucs similaires. Aujourd'hui, c'était les imposants bijoux animaliers. Je suis tombée sur cette bague pieuvre et l'obsession était née. Sérieusement. N'osez même pas me dire que tous ces bijoux ne sont pas supers stylés. ÇA, les gens, ça en impose : SAUVAGE!

J Crew bracelet en émail
€98 -

ASOS tahitian pearl necklace
€66 -

Fantasy Jewelry Box peacock jewelry
€45 -

Juicy Couture pave earrings
€23 -

Fantasy Jewelry Box slip ring
€31 -

Fantasy Jewelry Box yellow ring
€30 -

Stretch rings jewelry
€15 -

xx, Pauline


  1. Interesting post. Would love to find more resources like this.
    heart charms

  2. Super cool jewellery. Adore that peacock ring. xA

    1. Agreed! But I actually think it's a bracelet :P

  3. I am a big fan of this animal jewels trend :) Lovely picks - you have great taste!