Saturday, September 22, 2012

istanbul city guide

What's so great about going on a trip is that you come back with lots of great adresses to share. I haven't been there long enough to know all the coolest places, but I can recommend a few things (and tell you not to waste your time on others) if you ever happen to go there.

Ce qui est bien quand on voyage, c'est de revenir avec pleins d'adresses sympas à partager avec les autres. Je ne suis pas partie très longtemps donc je ne prétend pas connaître tous les coins les plus tendances, mais je peux vous recommander certains lieux (et vous conseiller de ne pas perdre votre temps à d'autres) si jamais vous vous y rendez un jour.

Where to eat? Où manger?

This is only a snacks restaurant, but what a yummy one. Their orange juice and desserts are just delicious and I'm obsessed with their simit with cheese (I could go back there just to eat one more!). The prices are pretty reasonable.

This is not an isolated restaurant; there are many of them around the country. They have a delicious lentils soup. You can expect good food at reasonable prices in a clean restaurant. Sometimes, that's all you're asking for.

I'm not talking about the academy itself but of the little restaurant which stands right next to it. You would almost not notice it. They have very little clients but we where appealed by the cupcakes in the window. We went there 3 times to eat because of how good their food is. Our favorites? Their turkish noodles and their grilled chicken. A delight!

+ Find a little restaurant to try their famous "pitas" : they take pita bread which they cram with whatever you want (cheese, meat, vegetables). Those are pretty good.

+ For french people (or other countries who don't have this restaurant either), know that they have many Burger King restaurants there. I know many of your love it and miss it (but McDonalds can never be replaced!). Btw, as the picture shows it, they deliver McDonalds there - how cool is that?!

Where to shop? Où faire son shopping?

This long street, near Taksim, is probably the most crowded in Istanbul. There are many shops that we know (Topshop, Mango, Accessories) and local ones. It's always very animated, which is pleasant.

This street is on another part of Istanbul but is also probably one of the largest of the city. I went there for Fashion's Night Out. There are plenty of stores and restaurants. It's great for a good day of shopping.

This mall won't disappoint. It's huge and there is everything you need there. My favorite store must be Harvey Nicholls where you will find all your favorites designers. There are also many other trendy stores: Vero Moda, Steve Madden, Aeropostale, Mango ...

+ Be on the lookout for small tourist shops. They sometimes are on the street, sometimes they have a store. They sell souvenirs and beautiful jewelry, most of the time at small prices.

What to visit? Que visiter?

- Sultanahmet
This part of the town is where are located most of the "must-see" monuments of Istanbul: the Blue Mosque, Santa Sofia, the palace of Topkapi and the Citern Basilic.

- Istiklal neughborhood
Wander in the streets and you will find many pretty things to see. You may pass by a famous "hammam" and see the Armenian cathedral or an orthodox church. You will also find numerous antiquarian shops.

+ If you're not staying long, don't waste your time at "The Grand Bazar" or "The Egyptian Bazar". They're very disappointed. If you're expecting a souk with lots of treasures, you'll be disappointed. It's mostly stores selling gold jewelry (very expensive), silk scarves etc.


  1. Istanbul is an amazing city, I've been many times there and I enjoy it every time!

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