Friday, June 29, 2012

kevin murphy's color.bug

The pink ends hairstyle!

Today, at the office, we received the famous color.bugs by Kevin Murphy. You have probably seen many celebrities or bloggers rocking temporary blue/pink/orange hair: I wanted to do the same. I tried the pink/neon pink one.

Now that I've used it, I can give you a few pieces of advice:

- Do not do this at your office in any case. That was ridiculously stupid. This is not a real coloration so you have to massage your hair with a towel and let them "dry" to make sure you won't put pink coloration everywhere on your clothes. My cardigan is now probably ruined because of this.

- Hydrate your hair a lot. You can probably see it on my picture: the color.bug is like chalk so it will seriously dry out your hair. I think there is something to develop here, because one of the biggest inconvenients for me is the dryness - even for celebrities who have professional hairstylists on their side.

- Even though color.bugs are supposed to work on every type of hair, they look so much better on blonde people. As you can see on my own hair, it's quite fun but it's not as pretty as on blonde hair. So next time, I'll make sure I permanently dye my hair blonde before I color-bug it ;)

Despite these little details, color.bug remains really fun. We all like the idea of having blue hair for one day, for one night. I know I will use it in the future. The first time can never be a full success (especially when it comes to me!). I will make sure to share it with you when I decide to go green! xx

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