Sunday, July 1, 2012

10 resolutions for this summer

As we're stepping into July, I thought it was important to share with you my "10 resolutions for summer" list. I'm a sucker for lists: to-do lists, resolutions lists, grocery shopping lists. Any list, really. I like organization and productivity, so this is where this whole affection for lists comes from.

I believe lists are an effective way to set goals. If you're actually writing it down, it means that you're seriously considering the thing. Of course, many people won't go further. This is bad, shame on you! On my side, I like to list things to clarify them. We are living in such a busy world, we have a million thoughts going through our head every second. Writing things down can help you focus on the important tasks that you have to do and not forget your objectives.

Summer is the perfect time to set a list of goals because of all the free time that you have. Even if you have a job, you're in a totally different spirit that during school year. You're more likely to be willing to try new things and explore new horizons. Let's get this list done!

01. Learn Romanian
I decided to go to Romania next year to study international relations and journalism. Yet, I cannot speak a single word of Romanian. I do not expect to become fluent in only two months, but I will definitely try to know all the basics for when I get there. It should make things a lot easier. Plus, it's always exciting to learn a new language!

02. Practice my photography skills
I'm a really bad photographer which can turn out to be a huge problem when you're a blogger. Practising my photography skills seemed urging so that's what I'm going to do this summer. I unfortunately can't afford a very good camera, which is partly why I don't take good pictures. I can always try to do the best I can with what I have!

03. Start posting outfits pictures on the blog
After all, it's what this blog is for. However, this might be the most challenging resolution for me. This blog is supposed to be a sort of therapy for me because I hate being taken in pictures. I have no confidence when it comes to my body. I want to use this blog as a way to overcome this issue. Right now, I'm still gathering all my courage.

04. Save money for a trip
This is a tricky one too, because as soon as I get money, I often spend it on clothes. Nevertheless, I would like to do a little trip in september, right after I finish my internship and right before I start school. This would help me to relax. Unfortunately, nothing comes free - efforts will be needed on my part in the budget department!

05. Lose a few pounds
I recently came back home from college (since the school year is over). Contrary to most people, I eat crazy healthy and I workout daily when I'm in college. Ever since I came home, I started eating a lot more and working out less. This obviously means that I gained a few pounds that I most certainly intend to lose as quickly as I've gained them.

06. Write an article that I'm proud of for my internship
This summer, I'm a fashion journalist intern and I have the chance to write all the articles for the fashion website that I'm working for. This doesn't mean I like what I write. It's time for me to take myself more seriously and deliver highter quality content. By the end of the summer, I vow to write an article good enough for me to feel like I could give it to anyone to read.

07. Work on my pinterest account
As I started over my blog, I did the same with my pinterest account. Pinterest has become huge in the blogging world so I realize the importance of keeping my own account clean, organized and updated. This is probably the easiest task for me, but it remains a crucial resolution so it should not be dismissed.

08. Read at least 20 books
I love reading. I could spend one week of vacations under the sun reading all day long (I'm also fine with a couch, a blanket and a storm outside). However, ever since I became a blogger, I started spending more and more time on the computer or on my phone checking/updating all my social networks accounts. This summer, I want to spend more time reading and go back to the days when I would read at least 20 books in 2 months. Sometimes, I would read even more. I was pretty cool back then *sigh*

09. Spend quality time with family
Whether it's helping out my brother with his summer homework or listening to every detail of my sister's life, summer is about spending even more time with family. Since I'm leaving in september for one year, I really want to spend as much time as I can with them. It's easy to get distracted by a thousand other things. Going out with your friends is pretty awesome too but don't forget your parents and sibblings: they're the most precious thing that you have.

10. Start my fall wardrobe
It wouldn't be a good fashion blogger resolutions list if there wasn't a part about shopping. Even though I have to save money for my trip (see resolution 4), I also need to buy myself a few quality pieces for my fall wardrobe. I have my eyes on a few jackets that will be perfect for october. Resolutions don't have to be all annoying ;) As always, it's all about finding the right balance and going for realistic goals.

Now it's your time to write down your summer resolutions list! Have fun, be creative and make the most out of your summer! xx


  1. I love your list. There are some things here I need to work on. I am going to South Africa next week to see my family, so that will be checked off ! ;)

  2. Thank you so much! This is so amazing that you will get to both travel and see your family :) enjoy! xx

  3. I've enjoyed reading this post!!! great job!!