Wednesday, August 1, 2012

royal fashion inspiration: kate middleton

Why we love Kate Middleton's style

The olympic spirit is flying everywhere. All we seem to care about lately is how many medals our country will bring back home. This month, we are all about the olympics, that's a fact. Home of the games, Britain is also the land of famous fashionistas. Among my favorites: Ashley Madekwe, Sienna Miller, Emma Watson, Audrey Hepburn or Alexa Chung. IFB had the wonderful idea of asking us to do a post about our british fashion inspiration. I first thought I would feature all my favorite british fashionistas but I realized that would make the longest post ever written on a blog. So I decided to join the smart people from Vanity Fair and crown Kate Middleton "best dressed of the year". She will be my feature for this post. Now, READ MORE.

Kate Middleton is awesome, first, because her name is my middle name. Secondly, she reminds me so much of some people I grew up with (yes, I have that kind of friends and I love them). More seriously, she is the smartest girl around when it comes to fashion choices. I love the royal family. I really do. The queen's fashion is unbelievable (my grand-ma had a very similar one, love it!) but it's old and kitsch. Kate is impressive in the way that she knows how to always remain classy, chic and impeccably dressed while still following trends and buying clothes from the same designers as us. Another thing I love about Kate is that even if she has all the money she wants, she will still buy a dress from Zara if she loves it (and occasionally, $55,000 jewelry but that's another story). That's how I see fashion. It's about wearing what you love no matter where it comes from. Even the richest people on earth should buy clothes at forever 21 because there is cool stuff there. For this, I congratulate Kate.

Reason #1 to love Kateshe's a real-life disney princess. Seriously. She made Cinderella broke her freaking vair shoes (yes because for those of you who actually read the book, you would know that Cinderella's shoes are not actually in glass - whatever!) of jealousy.

Reason #2 to love Kate: she's so adorable that sometimes she dresses like us, wearing typical red jeans, so for a minute we feel like we are close to her and could be a princess too. She's so nice like that!

Reason #3 to love Kate: she can look good with a hat. And not any hat: royal hats. Who else can do that? Don't even try to answer this - NOBODY can look cute with such ridiculous headgear ... but Kate.

Reason #4 to we love Kate: if she wasn't a princess, she could totally be a movie star. I don't know if she can act. She could at least be one of these actresses who don't work but look amazing on the red carpet. Seriously, isn't this dress oscar-worthy?!

Reason #5 to love Kate: even when she gets pregnant, she'll remain super fit and slim. Ok, this might actually be a reason to hate her.

Reason #6 to love Kate: she's just too adorable, come on, just look at her!

Now, I'm off to text Kate about my article on her. See you soon!
xx, Pauline Catherine


  1. lovely pics!!! she is always fab!

    1. She really is - always so chic and incredible!

  2. Lovely article/post! I love Kate and she has really put the spotlight back on the Royal family. Thanks for sharing!

    Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

    1. Couldn't agree more! She's a wonderful addition to the royal family and I cannot wait to see how she will as a "queen".

  3. She really look stunning with her dresses. Beautiful!

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