Monday, August 20, 2012

my vacations on instagram

My vacations on instagram

Hey there! As you may have noticed, I haven't updated the blog in the last few days. From my latest posts, you can deduce that I was away in vacations ... and i'm now back which is the least exciting part of this post. It's never good to be back but it was lovely to spend a few days with my family. There is one thing you need (or not) to know about me in vacations: I suddenly forget that carbs and fat even exist. Seriously. I'm usually this kind of annoying person who cries after eating cake. But when I'm in vacations, *brain switch right now* I feel very good about the fact that I'm eating chips even though I already had a burger for lunch and I'm eating pasta later for dinner. I become this kind of eating monster. Sad thing. Now I have 5 extra pounds to lose.

Another sweet souvenir I brought from my trip (along with the extra pounds) is my sunburns. Some people tan under the sun, I burn. Yes, even if I applied a SPF50 cream. That's my very own thing. This means that I suffer like hell whenever I: sit, sleep, put on pants, touch my skin, take a shower, put on shorts, eat, move. Ideally, I would just stand still all the time. As this is not a possible option at the moment (even if tempting), I'll keep applying my moisturizer, telling myself how I will avoid the sun next time (which I obviously won't do).

Have a nice day and take a look at my awesome instagrams pictures from my vacations (none are of my sunburns, you can thank me now!).

left: this is me trying to pretend i'm both smart and chic. right: this is what i actually really read.

left: me trying to recover from the sunburns (this is only the 3rd cream!). right: boats - for a parisian, that screams "beach holiday!"

xx, Pauline