Friday, August 10, 2012

my mulu account

money goes to charities with mulu

Do you know about mulu? Mulu is a wonderful website which allows you to "pick" your favorite products from any website. By visiting your mulu website, your friend can see what you're recommanding and click on the products to purchase them. But what's so wonderful about Mulu is that all the money you earn thanks to this will go directly to charity. As you may know, the fight against cancer is a very dear cause to me (you can visit my "charity" page). Therefore, I chose to give all the rewards to LetsFCancer. Each time someone clicks on one of my recommandations to purchase the products, a percentage of the money will directly go to the wonderful people at LetsFCancer. Isn't that amazing?! You can follow my MULU here. xx, Pauline