Wednesday, July 18, 2012

step up (revolution)

The best dance film of all times

The Step Up movies might be another series of dance flicks for you but it's everything to me. Ok, maybe I'm overreacting. But let's say that Step Up 3D is on my top3 favorite movies of ALL TIME. I'm talking very seriously here. I should probably mention the fact that I've been dancing since I was 3. I never had time to focus on my dancing enough to become really good. I still have a lot of time. You don't actually need to be a dancer to appreciate the movie. It makes you want to become one. After seeing Step Up 3D, my cousin played hip-hop dance tutorials on his computer for one month. It was funny. The power of dancing. I think this is the main idea that these movies convey. Dancing is powerful. Like fashion is for me and lot a you, dancing is a means to express your feelings and creativity. I hope that after Step Up Revolution, I leave the cinema ecstatic, as always (even though I doubt any more movie can be as good as Step Up 3D!!).

Click READ MORE for my favorite look from the Step Up Revolution premiere - because even if I post about other things, this blog remains a fashion blog ;)

I chose Ashley Tisdale who looked super cute in her white bustier dress with her pink hair strand!
xx, Pauline


  1. La robe est tres belle!J'adoore

    Angela Donava

  2. Cant wait to see the movie! :)


    1. Me neither! I'm so excited! Probably gonna see it several times x)